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Contract Cleaning

We are recognised by our loyal customers as a very high quality and cost-effective cleaning company.  Our success stems from the retention of our dedicated Cleaning Operatives.  Most of our people have been with us since 2004.  We have generations of families who work with us and we treat all our people like family. They will clean and look after your premises as if they were their own.

Cleaning is a wide and varied Industry and we have the Operatives, Specialists, Technicians and Managers who understand the knowledge that high-quality cleaning requires.

We deliver a wide range of Contract Cleaning Services across Scotland in a diverse range of sectors. We work in Factories, Schools, Offices, Airports, Hospitals and Shopping Centres.  We also work at many high-profile Events and can accommodate everything from small intimate events through to a full scale, multi-site week long sporting tournament.

Our Specialist Cleaning Division can also provide high level and deep cleaning services.

In addition, we work with a leading R&D Facility to ensure that our professional cleaning services are environmentally friendly and fully sustainable.

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